Scenes from the Tale of Gelert the Dog (2019)

for symphony orchestra

written for performance by Humboldts Studentische Philharmonie in Berlin, Germany




When the Ash Falls (2020)

for sinfonietta and film

written for performance by Thallein Ensemble in Birmingham, UK


Seafarers (2017)

for sinfonietta

written for performance by members of the National Youth Orchestra of Wales in Aberystwyth, St David’s and Cardiff, UK




Waves, Tides, Ripples (2021)

for flute, santoor and film

written for and recorded by Avazad Fusion Ensemble



Desert Migration (2021)

for piano trio

written for and recorded by the Fidelio Trio



Upbeat, Downbeat, Rain (2021)

for percussion ensemble

written for and recorded by Millennial Percussion



In Between the Notes (2020)

for guitar quartet

written for and recorded by Will Crawford, Oliver Kinsella, Noah Layzell, and Zahrah Hutton



Roosting in Autumn (2020)

for 7 saxophones and 4 percussion

written for and recorded by Thallein Ensemble



One or Two Cows Walking through the Fog (2020)

for percussion trio

written for and recorded by Tresonant



A Constellation (2020)

for mixed septet

fl/picc, bass cl/cl, tbn, perc, hp, vc, db

written for Birmingham Contemporary Music Group


Waves (2019)

for percussion quartet

written for performance by Millennial Percussion in Birmingham, UK



Broken Symmetry (2019)

for clarinet in Bb, violin, violoncello, piano

written to be workshopped by the Gould Piano Trio and Robert Plane in Cardiff, UK


Suite for Low Brass Quartet (2018)

for tenor trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, tuba

written for performance by LBQ from (RWCMD) in Cardiff, UK



The Old House on the Hill (2016)

for clarinet in Bb, piano

written for performance by Lloyd Cottrell and Freyja Elsy in Cardiff, UK



Resonant Thinking (2022)

for solo piano

written for performance by Benjamin Powell as part of Psappha’s Composing for Piano Scheme



Tapping (2020)

for prepared 5 octave marimba

written for performance by Cathryn Lynch, filmed by Alex Henshaw



Mist (2020)

for classical guitar

written for and recorded by Stuart Ironside



In this Moment (2020)

for solo violoncello

written for and recorded by Carwyn Jones





Treasure Hunt (2020)

for two performers, ten participants and audience

written for performance by Tanna Chamberlain and Kat Wallace for CODA Festival Online